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Four Powerful Player Delegation Tools

Delegate Critical Projects & Manage Project Team Accountability


Player Coordinator

Manage a Network of Players & Teams

Player Profiler

Capture Capabilities of Key Players

Player Agenda

Manage the Details of Player Actions

Player Journal

Capture Future Priorities To Be Completed




 Player Delegator  

The Player Delegator Toolset is comprised of four tools for coordinating a wide variety if players, creating a clear profile of each player’s capabilities, setting up an agenda of actions the player is responsible for taking, and recording the future possibilities and challenges that emerge in the course of completing projects. Delegating responsibility to others does not absolve us of accountability for their success in completing a project. Accountability means who will make sure the project gets done right and on time which may be different from the person you has been assigned to do it. Having a clear agenda of action for oneself or for other players and a method for knowing changes in the status of actions will be essential to successful delegation.



Tool 1: Player Coordinator

Manage a large number of people either individually or on teams to assign and monitor projects.  

Tool 2: Player Profiler

Capture and evolve a clear picture of each players capabilities so their value to projects can be applied. 

Tool 3: Player Agenda

Keep an accurate agenda of actions for oneself and others that will ensure everything gets done. 


Tool 4: Player Journal

Capture the future possibilities & challenges that emerge in the course of completing projects.



Player Coordinator

Build and Coordinate a Diverse Player Network.  


The Player Coordinator makes it possible to organize the activities or a wide array of people either independently or as a member of a team. Knowing who will be responsible for which projects is essential to maintaining a coherent flow of project work. As circumstances change, which they always do, the projects will shift in priority and that may require a shift in player responsibilities. Once a clear process has been established the only variable that remains is player performance which must be managed.

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Player Profiler

Build effective player profiles so you always know who can do what the best.  


The Player Profile is a tool used to capture the specific accountabilities of a player, their expertise, experience and education so that they can be assigned responsibility or accountability for certain projects. The key is making sure the right people are assigned to the right projects both in the responsibility for execution and the accountability for successful completion of projects. With this tool you can easily determine who is right for which projects and a lead and as support or member of a team.    

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 Player Agenda

Manage Player Accountability & Project Activity.


The Player Agenda is a record of the actions to be take in specific periods of time and will a clear set of priorities including Critical, Essential, & Optional. Critical means ASAP or at a set time. Essential means must get done something this week but a set time can change. Optional means something may or may not get done and if needed can be cancelled.  Also the agenda makes it possible to know the current status of all items on the agenda as to completed, abandoned, or transferred to another day and time. It also requires that items on the agenda which do not fall in sequential order can be tagged to each other and sorted when needed. The agenda also makes it possible to see a clear schedule of items that have a set time.

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Player Journal

Capture Future Player Priorities So They Get Managed In Time. 


The Player Journal is designed to capture future items related to a client or a team. In the process of executing a project, many new ideas and insights emerge that need to be captured or else they are lost. These possible future projects and actions may never get implemented nut is is essential in order to maximize effectiveness to have a complete record of what ideas emerged that cannot be dealt with in the present. The biggest distraction can come when we try to remember something good while executing a project. The idea either gets lost or the project we are working on gets compromised because of our lack of attention to detail.    

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